Sunday, 3 February 2013

Help! Zombies are Coming! Help!

Hi Guys,

I hope those of you that have read this comic or even just part of it have enjoyed it. If you have not read Zombie Shift it's free and easy, just use the calendar at the side and go back to the first post (June 2012) the comic is then ready to be read. Like I said at the start, this is a webcomic or graphic novel that started life as a biro pen doodle. My next project is now in it's infancy and I need help to get it off the ground. I've teamed up with a great friend of mine, he is the writer of a cracking blog based story called White Lily Supermarket. We have an idea and story for a new comic and the ambition level is somewhat higher. So if you have enjoyed this then why not check out our pitch on Kickstarter best of a all you can be in the next comic!!!:

IMMUNIS - Kickstarter project.

Also we have a prologue on line too so you can check out the vibe although my:

Give it a look and check if you have a dollar or two for us. Think of the karma... if the zombie apocalypse does arrive good karma is a useful thing!


Sean 'Rocky' Reidy

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